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Anonymous VPS Bitcoin

Buy an Anonymous VPS using Bitcoin via BitSumo. Try for FREE.

BitSumo allows users looking to get their own anonymous VPS without needing to provide information that can tie both user and VPS together via credit card details.

Pay Anonymous VPS with BitCoin

BitSumo allows users to pay with BitCoin ( cryptocurrency ). All you must provide is an email address. Nothing more, nothing less. We believe that online privacy is a right.

What Anonymous VPS can you buy?

BitSumo offers anonymous servers only from DigitalOcean. BitSumo provides an anonymity layer on top of these hosts as well as a layer to use these services with cryptocurrency.

BitSumo Anonymous VPS are highly available and powerful, with the ability to run multiple distributions and apps. This means that it’s possible to launch a variety of VPS anonymously, from Ubuntu 20.04, Wireguard VPN or CMS like WordPress.

How different is Anonymous VPS from Private VPS?

Private VPS is where your web hosting provider essentially hides your identity by not publishing it in any type of list, except with their trade partners. But just as the Domain Name System (DNS) requires you to provide your name, address, email address and phone number once you register your domain name, you are likely still as susceptible to getting your data unprotected.

You can opt for a paid service called private VPS in this case, which hides your details within DNS listings. It’s a simple solution in keeping your details away from prying eyes, but in other cases where this privacy setting is not enough, anonymous hosting steps in.

When you want absolute anonymity, hosting providers can only provide you as much privacy as they can, even when you pay a little extra for special privacy perks. Paying for these services will require credit cards or PayPal which can easily include your private details – full name and home and billing addresses. Even if you give them a pretend name, the hosting company will still be able to see your information on your payment information.

Anonymous hosting will allow you to create accounts using pseudonyms and not have to reveal personal information by using bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, otherwise known as decentralized currency, which doesn’t expose your personal information.