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DigitalOcean Bitcoin

DigitalOcean Bitcoin – Paying for Digital Ocean servers with Bitcoin has never been easier today.

The fact that thousands of customers globally use cryptocurrency as their payment method. The same applies to those who create and manage servers for their projects.

However, the one issue that remained unsolved is Digital Ocean does not accept Bitcoin. If you are looking for VPS or hosting that accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment method, then BitSumo is your answer.

Making Sense of Digital Ocean and Bitcoin Integration

The reason is simple – Digital Ocean powers BitSumo cloud servers.

We provide total, anonymous VPS web hosting by accepting over 50+ different cryptocurrencies as a payment method including Bitcoin.

You could use our virtual private servers without revealing your identity – just your e-mail for communication, no further information is required. You can pay securely and privately without giving us any banking details. Prices start from $0.022/hr paid in cryptocurrency.

VPS hosting would be your best choice if you need more advanced hosting solutions, but can’t afford a dedicated server, or don’t want to deal with the complexity of bare metal beasts.

Renting a VPS means you get your virtual server environment: 100% control over OS, software extensions, and all their settings. Each VPS instance is allocated with key resources – CPU cores, amount of RAM, and storage. Professional and business users very often prefer VPS over shared hosting.

When Will Digital Ocean Accept Bitcoin as a Payment Method?

As far as we know, it would be available to their verified customers but we are not sure about it. In the meantime, you can create and manage servers powered by Digital Ocean with ease.

Start paying with BitCoin for cloud servers hosted by Digital Ocean with BitSumo. Sign up now to get started.